Virilis Platinum


1 month supply

  • All natural, 100% organic herbal supplement
  • Overall vitality & immunity booster
  • Safe for men & women
  • Boosts testosterone
  • Antidepressant. Better sleep, more energy



  • Net weight of Virilis:
    • 1 week, 17.5 grams
    • 2 weeks, 35 grams
    • 1 month, 70 grams
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Virilis is an all natural, 100% organic herbal supplement.

Virilis is formulated from a proprietary blend of specific strains of M.Whitei. This medicinal plant has been usedby African people since antiquity to treat various ailments. Virilis has powerful immune boosting properties. Virilis contains Zinc, Calcium, Iron, vitamin K, A, D, E, Sterols, Triterpenes.. Alkaloids, Saponins, and Flavonoids. Virilis is an extremely effective testosterone booster used byathletes worldwide to boost strength & athletic performance….But it doesn’t stop there.

Virilis ls an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Virilis has antidepressant properties Virilis is an effective sleep aid. Users reported getting a deeper, more restful sleep. Virilis is widely used by shift workers. Virilis users experience an overall boost in energy & vitality-No more afternoon slump.

Virilis is safe for both men & women.


One teaspoon daily. Can be sprinkled on food or mixed with one cup of hot water. Sweeten to taste.

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